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Why Us?

Desert Traditions is a small company that chooses quality above quantity. We limit the number of tour departures each year and the number of tour members in each group. We know that a small group of 12 or less will allow closer interactions with the people of India and greater ease of movement.

Our small group tours have less impact on local cultures and the environment. We manage our ‘no waste policy’ with humour and ease; we travel in smaller vehicles; we catch trains rather than flights and make every effort to consume less energy and water. Our carbon offset project is unique and supplies education, awareness and energy efficient solutions to small communities and artisans.

Our primary aims are to support local enterprise, the empowerment of women and men, and education for all. We run short and long-term projects and share our expertise and experience when invited.

We work closely with community leaders, traditional artisans, leading institutions, local tour operators, guides and government departments to design tours that are environmentally sound, economically viable, socially responsible and culturally appropriate – everybody benefits!


We employ local guides most of whom have worked with us for many years. They understand that we do not work ‘by the book’ and prefer to remain open to embrace the unexpected. We offer our guides the freedom to showcase their knowledge and personal passions and our ‘guide’s choice’ day is always a tour highlight.

4x3 Nirav Bikie

‘As a guide I prefer to work with Carole because by working with her I feel that I have also done something for my society. She does so much for people from her heart. I remember once when the Mir at Dasada wanted to sell bangles to her group but they didn’t know the price and she helped them get a fair price. There are many things that I respect and love her for. It is a real pleasure to work with Carole and I thank her for choosing me as her guide.’
Nirav Panchal, senior guide, Ahmedabad