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Tour Fast Facts

Tour Length:19 days


February 28th - March 18th 2016

Itinerary Includes:Ahmedabad, Lothal, Khambhat, Gondal, Surendranagar, Kutch

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Timeless Traditions 2016


Join cultural expert and intrepid traveller Carole Douglas on a slow journey into the traditional heart of Gujarat where time stops and tradition begins. We step back in history to the Indus Valley civilisation and follow a trail that leads to ancient ports on the Arabian coast and from remote villages to modern markets, from sparkling salt plains to wild wetlands and from vast deserts to pristine shores. Along the way you will experience a unique heritage shaped by time and diversity, mingle with master artisans who create timeless arts (you may even try your own hand at stitch, dye and print), meet traditional communities, drink chai with camel herders, swim in the Arabian Sea and relax under the moon accompanied by local music. At the end of the journey you will take home memories of extraordinary encounters, genuine hospitality and of a cultural heritage second to none.

‘As an embroiderer, I found Carole’s tour of Kutch a wonderful experience. For me, the best part was sitting down with various artisans and seeing how they work. Often they stitch back to front from the way I do, but the sharing and the laughter while trying to understand each other’s language made the journey one to remember. And of course, learning about another culture through food, festivals and traditions made the trip all the more memorable. This was the gentlest introduction to India that one could wish for.’
Leslie Lockwood, Shoalhaven, NSW



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