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Tour Fast Facts

Tour Length:28 Days


October 8th - November 4th 2013

Itinerary Includes:Itinerary includes: Mumbai, Kutch, Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Agra, Lucknow and Varanasi

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Best Exotic Indian Adventure


With intrepid traveller and lover of all things Indian, Carole Douglas

We believe that every person should visit India at least once in a lifetime for it is here, in the heart of this extraordinary country, that life is encountered in all its diversity, dignity and devotion. You will participate in two of India’s best loved festivals, experience the gamut of its vast social system, enjoy sensational cuisine, explore the arts in all their forms and delve into a heritage that reaches far back in time. By auto-rickshaw, bus, train, jeep, camel, plane and elephant and from rural villages to mega cities, from great deserts to pristine shores, from market stalls to designer malls and from Bollywood’s beat to the banks of the Ganges, we promise you an exhilarating and enlightening journey through the world’s most fascinating culture.All we ask in return is an open mind, a warm heart and a sense of adventure!

‘I recently returned from my second trip to India – an exotic land of tastes, smells, sights and fascinating experiences. This visit was with a small group, led by the highly knowledgable and experienced Carole Douglas. Carole showed our group just some of the many faces of India, sharing her passion for the country and its people. Each day brought memorable experiences ranging from an impromptu party in our overnight sleeper train cabin, to afternoon tea with a nawab, or boating at dusk on the serene Gomti River whilst children frantically hello-ed to us from the shore. My best trip to India yet and one full of memories that I will treasure.’
Louise Sonter NSW



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