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Remember The Living Earth?
February 14, 2013
Food for thought. The problem with clearing out my office is that the work expands exponentially; I pick up a box of photos, a pile of papers, a wad of

From Superwoman to Supersloth in Four Moves
February 13, 2013
I just received an email from a friend and erstwhile colleague. After much deliberation she has decided not to assist me with a marketing plan; her mother is unwell, her

Fire and Plumstones
February 6, 2013
January and it rained at last and the acrid stench of wet, newly burnt land, livestock, wildlife and property dulled any sense of relief. Each day television crews working at

Postcard from Ahmedabad
November 9, 2012
After a rock’n’roll overnight train trip from Bhuj I emerged into the early morning chorus of chaos as Ahmedabad rubbed its eyes and blinked awake into a new day. Taxi

Tickling the Senses
October 26, 2012
The idea of being in India is such a tease. The week before I leave she, the idea, repeats her customary monsoon mantra – rumbling, boiling and building up until

Awakening the Tiger
September 4, 2012
Some time, and who knows or really cares when ensnared in a metal-clad container moving at 760 kph through the night sky, I was roused from semi sleep by Captain

Finding Marigolds
August 20, 2012
My grandfather grew marigolds in amongst his vegetables to keep pests at bay; I pressed marigold petals into mud pies and used them to decorate sand-saucers for school gala days

Wisdom at my Feet
August 7, 2012
Whenever I arrive and depart from Mumbai I have a one stop ‘makeover’ at the Taj Hotel’s salon in Colaba. After passing the security check, a grim reminder of the

Regrouping – the new journey begins
May 7, 2012
I can’t begin to recount where the past five weeks have gone since I walked in the door from India and began the real work. They certainly disappeared down the

Small Worlds
March 23, 2012
Surprising who you meet in unexpected places. Today I went shopping for fabric – of the kind worn by the shepherding communities of Kachchh – in particular the northern Banni/Pacham